COVID Support Roles

The challenge of keeping control of the spread of Covid-19 in your business is paramount across all sectors, which is why we have some of the most eager temporary staff to support you throughout the lockdown, and beyond.

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Do you need to implement new onsite testing and need an external workforce to operate this? Choose hap Covid Support. Our candidates are committed to diligently adhering to government guidance, and sustaining high attendance within your organisation.

Our expertise

With government advice rapidly evolving, and the ability to test (and vaccinate) increasing by the day, we can assist in facilitating your in-house set up with staff across a variety of roles.

Using external staff will assist you in keeping your operation running without having to utilise your trained workers outside of their ordinary role, and keep productivity at the highest rate possible. There’s no need to worry about payroll either, we cover that entirely on our side. Just like the testing team we send you, we stay in the background until we’re needed.

Whether it’s management and co-ordinators you need, processing implementation, or perhaps administration help for testing registration and alerting contacts, we’ve got you covered. In fact, our candidates are available locally, across the UK, so we’re confident we can help you by recommending the most relevant individuals.

Roles we can supply

  • Team Leaders
  • Coordinators
  • General Operatives
    • Test Assistant
    • Processors
    • Registration Assistants
    • Results Recorders
    • Cleaners
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